Welcome to Our #MySummerKnit Photography Competition

We love great images so we’re thrilled to launch our very first photography competition with a chance to win a BlakeLDN product of your choice from the current collection. To enter, upload a photograph of yourself, a friend or family member wearing a summer knit to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest using the hashtag #MySummerKnit and please mention @BlakeLDN. 
Take the picture anywhere, in your garden, the beach, a city street, on holiday, and be as creative as you like. All of the entries will be put onto the BlakeLDN #MySummerKnit Pinterest board so you can see everyone else’s image. Read the full terms and conditions here. Our panel of judges are BlakeLDN founder Alice Ashby, Elle Market Editor Harriet Stewart and fashion photographer ( including Observer, TANK, Because, Pringle and of course BlakeLDN ) Oliver Bampfylde and they’ll be looking for a stand-out, stylish image. Read more about them below and follow their tips to give you inspiration. We’re looking forward to seeing your pictures, and good luck!

Alice Ashby

Alice Ashby

haHarriet Stewart

150603_Grazia_11_003Oliver Bampfylde

What’s your career history? 
AA : Studied at Central Saint Martins, my first job was at Rag & Bone in NYC. I launched BlakeLDN at the end of 2012. HS: studied at Central Saint Martins, fashion assistant at Sunday Times Style then Market Editor at Elle OB: I started photographing friends bands before deciding to turn it into a full time job. For the first year I shot anything and everything before ending up in fashion. I then went to assist some of the photographers I admired to learn the tools of the trade while picking up my own jobs along the way.

What do you love about working in fashion?
 AA: Every day is totally different, it’s exciting and thrilling and it never stops 
 The people, the shows and the clothes - its ever changing OB: The creative possibilities. The freedom to explore your ideas and working with insanely talented people.

Describe a typical day for you in five words. AA: Hectic, challenging, creative, my dream HS: Edit, write, select , create & drink! OB: Early starts, music, coffee, lights, work.

What are your 4 must-have summer products? AA: Our BlakeLDN Starsky top, Janessa Leone hat, Clarins factor 50 for face, a good book and I’m very happy. HS:
 YoSuzi Pom Pom hat, Blake Prospect tee and midi skirt, tada and toy necklace, and some classic Stan smiths OB: A proper pair of sunglasses, disposable cameras, speakers, a good book (I've just finished 'The 100 Year Old Man Who Jumped Out of a Window and Disappeared' a good summer read!)

What’s been your favourite shoot to work on and why? AA: All our campaigns. Each one I love researching for and prepping. They’re all totally different and I love coming up with the ideas and seeing the clothes come to life. HS: Last year I went to Rio to shoot style for Elle - that was pretty colourful and amazing. OB: There have been so many. Trips abroad are always nice. But there was an editorial in Sweden (where I live) last summer where we all stayed on an island for 5 days and shot fashion and portraits using the local families and friends of the model. It was a really diverse project and a pretty unique shooting experience.

IMAGE TIPS What’s the best pose for taking a fashion shot? 
AA: I’m really not one for posing at all 
HS: Natural and well lit OB: Whatever is natural for you. Don't over do it.

Flash or daylight? 
AA: Daylight always HS:
 Daylight OB: Flash if you know how to control it, but good daylight is hard to replicate.

Is it worth investing in a selfie-stick? 
AA: Not for me HS: Only if you're a tourist. 
OB: Never! The angle is so overused now. Most of the cameras people use now have timers and things get creative.

Have you got a favourite filter? 
AA: Afterlife 
 Afterlife OB: No, I think there are some great ones out there but use them as a base and then tweak them to work for your picture. Individuality is key.

With such a cluttered visual landscape how do you make an image stand out? AA: I think using the same filter, making the photos uniformed and in-sync with your brand and aesthetic. HS: Composition, light and theme - making sure your images excite and are informative is also key. OB: Find your language and develop it. Try new things, don't be the same as everybody else, use whatever tools you can. And if you can't, then simplifying it and letting your subject speak is always a good way to go.

What turns a so-so image into a great one? 
AA: Light and composition 
HS: The above! OB: I don't think you can... You can turn a bad image into a so-so one with filters and cropping. If your image isn't good to start with, figure out why it doesn't work and learn from it.