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Tell us a bit about yourself, and your life so far…

I grew up in the countryside but I consider London to be my home. I was born here but it wasn’t until I finished art college in Edinburgh that I really got to know the city. Now I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I love the fast pace of life and everything London has to offer.

I loved to draw from a young age but at school there always had to be a concept behind a work of art and I couldn’t ever find a concept I truly believed in. I discovered product design when I was 13 and it made sense to me. I loved that I could apply my drawing skills to something that had a function, so I decided to study jewellery design as part of my A level’s and my degree.

Why jewellery?

It is the stories and sentimentality behind jewellery that I love. Jewellery is made to be treasured and passed down generations.

What made you decide to change direction from designing to consulting/blogging?

It happened organically. I started writing In Detail whilst I was designing for Shaun Leane. I was one of the first people to give fine jewellery exposure online and because of that the site got a lot of attention almost immediately. I decided to go full time on In Detail because I loved the access it gave me to so many wonderful brands.

What is the most important thing you have learned?

This year I have learnt it is important to know two things - why you do what you do and what your values are. It is ok for your goals to change but knowing these two things can help you with every decision you make.

Talk us through your daily routine.

I try to start the day with 15 minutes on The Business of Fashion or a TED talk. Then I do my emails. What happens after that is never really the same. It might be a day of appointments with brands or styling shoots for the website.

How would you describe your style?

Neutral. I like to buy clothes I can wear over and over again. I rarely wear anything bold or showy. I like simple, classic shapes. 

5 jewellery brands/designers on your radar right now...

Dina Kamal

Anissa Kermiche

Fernando Jorge


Emma Franklin

With all the success so far, what is the long term goal?

I am passionate about connecting people with the best jewellery in the world. My aim is to continue to find the most innovative ways to achieve this goal.


Text and photos by Thea C. Sneve Løvstad

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