Antonia O’Brien has worked across broadcasting and fashion for the past ten years, for international TV channels, luxury brands and leading print publications, as well as hosting live events. With a love of both fashion and film she is a regular correspondent during the film awards season. She also is a stylist and brand consultant and currently has her own 'film based' podcast - Admit One with Antonia O'Brien.

When and how did you know you wanted fashion to be your career?

It feels like since forever! When I was younger I was interested in what people wore and how they put it together, almost challenging myself in asking how I would re-style them. Add into that the fact that I am the youngest of a large family and have always loved sorting through clothes and creating order in peoples wardrobes; my Dads being the most satisfying - 'double-breasted pinstripes Dad, when did you wear this?' 

Tell us your journey to where you are now?

It was a combination of good fortune and hard work really, cliche as that sounds. I was lucky enough to land on my feet straight out of university and work for an online fashion retailer, It was my first experience as a stylist and presenter, hosting their weekly online fashion TV; it was the most fantastic environment to learn from my mistakes and there were a lot of mistakes! Since then I've worked across both fashion and TV: reporting from the red-carpet at the BAFTAs to the Oscars, interviewing designers at London Fashion Week Festival, talking trends on ITV's Lorraine and discussing films with people from across the arts on my podcast Admit One with Antonia O'Brien. 

You have often presented live tv and live from the red carpet. Who was the most intersting person you have interviewed?

From everyone I've interviewed I'd have say Diane von Furstenberg. To talk to a businesswoman of her creativity who has been at the top of the fashion industry for decades was brilliant; a woman who designs for women and empowers women, she's an inspiration. 

How do you control your nerves?

Self-belief is a powerful thing and if that fails then I get myself in a positive mind frame and just think 'fake it 'til you make it.' 

What is your wardrobe staple / fail safe?

For me, a great pair of cropped high-waisted jeans, a tee, sharp blazer and statement earrings are a work-for-every-occasion outfit; except when jeans aren't allowed, then I'm screwed. 

Which piece from the new AW Blake season is your go-to?

This seasons red, burgundy and grey is stunning! It is my kind of red, a brilliant intense red that is so bright it almost has a pinch of orange in it. I'm currently wearing it with navy wide-leg trousers and trainers; that's my autumn uniform sorted.  

What do you love about knitwear?

There is something really reassuring about knitwear, the comfort of pulling a sleeve over your wrist and wrapping up when it's cold. I'm an October baby and love autumn, especially when it's time to take down the knitwear and start layering-up. 

Describe your perfect weekend?

My favourite are those that are unplanned but filled with friends: a last-minute brunch with mates, sitting in our local pub, mooching around markets - just getting a bit lost with no schedule, that is my perfect weekend.  

What do you love about Autumn/ Winter?

I love being inside when it's pouring with rain, big roast lunches, super-sized cosy coats, when its cold but the sky is blue, wrapping-up warm. 

Photos by Thea Lovstad. Words by Alice Byrom. We shot Antonia at Somerset House, wearing both our Ardmore sweater in red and our Philippa in red fleck.

Alice Byrom