Alexa Coe is a London based artist and illustrator with a focus on the female form. We met her in her East London studio. 

Tell us where you studied? Did you enjoy studying in London or did you find that you just wanted to get out there and work?

I first came London to do a Bachelors at Chelsea college of art. I studied Textiles which after three years realised was not my thing.  Doing a Masters was super important to me moving on. It gave me the push and space to explore what I really wanted to do. My experience at Central saint martins was definitely a learning curb and I am a product of that. I am always seeking to push things a little further and was taught this was taught this way.

You are known for your female nudes, tell us how you honed your signature? And why the female form?

The human body has always interested me, especially within the many metaphors that take shape via culture in both positive and negative ways. My style kind of developed as a way to simplify and take pleasure in both how to draw but also to see a human body, seeing it as something sensual to experience rather than to judge.

You are now stocked in Libertys and various other stores coming soon, was this always the plan or was it a natural progression from working with clients and doing commisions?

Most of what has happened has been a trail of happy accidents. I cannot complain and it is still hard work in pushing it forward. The trick is to never move on straight away once one thing comes through, so that you are always keen to explore new routes.

You are testing waters with ceramics and pottery, is this somewhere you see the brand going?

I love to see how and where the drawings can go. There is something really exciting about seeing how a drawings can be transformed when on a 3D object.

If you were not an illustator what career do you think you would be doing? 

I used to want to be an interior designer - I spent my childhood drawing out homes and hotels. But I honestly could never see myself doing anything else.

What is your wardrobe staple?

I feel pretty naked without a pair of gold hoop earrings!

Which piece from the Blake LDN AW17 are you coveting after?

Redfern Sweater. I love a roll neck for winter.

 If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?

Maybe New York , or Paris if I could speak French. I think I will always be a city girl

Photos by Thea Lovstad. Words by Alice Byrom. We shot Alexa at her studio wearing the ARDMORE sweater in navy and the REDFERN Chunky in navy. Both available online now.

Alice Byrom