Our latest Blake Woman is the wonderful Lindsey Holland aka Ropes of Holland. For those of you who don't know Lindsey she is a West London influencer who has a fast and growing audience She trained as a physio but recently took the leap and is now full time on blogging and brand partnerships. We caught up with her to shoot some of the new collection.

We hope you like :)

You are a Northern girl at heart, tell us when you moved to London and why?

I moved to London following a break up actually! It was one of those moments where I wanted to change absolutely everything about my life. Although heartbreak is always hard, I have that to thank for the happiness I have now.

You were studying at Uni - you describe that as one of the main reason why you started your blog in 2012 - why?

I was studying Physiotherapy at the time, and it was really intense, lots of anatomy and science and I felt like I needed a creative outlet of some form. And so Ropes of Holland was born as a place for me to dump all of my creative thoughts and inspiration. 

You decided to go full time on blog etc rather than physiotherapy - is this something you may go back to? What was the reasoning?

I’ve been working on Ropes of Holland full time since June 2017 now. I was the senior Physio on a 40 bed patient ward in elderly care, my hospital in particular didn’t have the funding to support me with more staff and so I was feeling constantly exhausted and really out of balance where work/life was concerned. I turned 30, and decided that I would take some time away from Physio for a while to see how I felt and see what I could do with Ropes of Holland. I’ve not looked back to Physio, but that’s because I am so busy with my blog and I am really enjoying working for myself. I miss my patient group, the elderly, so instead, I volunteer for Age UK and befriend a lonely elderly person in my area.

Why Ropes of Holland?

It’s not very interesting! I was talking about learning the ropes of managing a blog and it just cropped up!


What has surprised you the most about going full time on your blog? Have you had a pinch me moment?

It’s just the freedom that I have with it all- to travel when I want, to go to a gym class in the middle of the day, and to really love what I do. I have a lots of pinch me moments, largely because I can’t believe this is my job!

You talk about a lot of prioritising time/ work/ balance on your blog - is that really important to you? And how to you accomplish it/ any words of advice for our readers?

It is so important, whoever you are, whatever your set up is. If you aren’t mentally feeling well, everything suffers. You must always prioritise relationships over work, work is like a bounce ball, relationships are more fragile.

You wardrobe uniform and staple? 

Always vintage Levi’s, a good black Chelsea boot, great quality t-shirts and a vintage leather biker.

You live West London - what are you favourites spots?

I’d say you’ll always find me at Granger & Co. Westbourne Grove, that’s for all meals!! And I love popping in for a coffee. 202 is great for breakfast and I love coffee at 202. Joseph is an obvious shopping choice and I get my flowers from Portobello market.


Which pieces from our new AW18 collection are your favourites?

I love the Imperial tank, the cut of it works so well with a high waisted jean. My other favourite is the Philippa sweater as it’s just so chunky and perfect for Autumn Winter.

Lindsey was shot at home by Ollie Ali, words by Alice Byrom. Lindsey is wearing the new A/W collection.

Alice Byrom